New Cars 3 Trailer Focuses On Lightning McQueen's Racing Rival


This is our best look yet at Disney Pixar's Cars 3.

Fate of the Furious may now be a distant memory, but there are still plenty of other car movies around the corner this year. Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver looks like it will deliver plenty of pulse-pounding car chase scenes that rely on driving skill rather than explosions at the end of June, but before that we have Cars 3 to look forward to. And before you write it off as a kid’s movie with no substance, what we’ve seen so far of the new animation racing film will make you forget that Cars 2 ever happened.

Returning to the series’ racing roots in contrast to Cars 2’s espionage plot, which gave the bumbling pickup Mater too much spotlight for our liking, the story focuses on Lightning McQueen struggling to stay relevant in the age of faster, hi-tech race cars, which draws parallels between the rise of electric and hybrid hypercars in the changing auto industry.

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In the run up to its release, another Cars 3 trailer has been released, giving us a better idea of the overall storyline. For the first time, we get to see McQueen interact with his arch nemesis Jackson Storm, in what looks like a typical racing rivalry as the pair exchange insults with each other. Cars 3 seems to be a classic tale of a sports veteran struggling to keep up with younger competition. While the tone seems more serious than previous films in the series, female trainer Cruz Ramirez should provide some heart-warming scenes helping McQueen make his racing comeback. We can’t wait to see what direction Pixar takes the franchise in when Cars 3 races into cinemas on June 16.