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We at CarBuzz see a lot tuned European cars, a whole lot. We don't see nearly as many tuned muscle cars, which is sad for us, but it does make the ones we come across that much more special. This means that the latest projects from the guys at Ice Nine Group deserve a bit of special attention. They've brought out a couple of new packages for the Camaro and one for the Challenger. All of them are pretty badass, and we're sure you'll agree.

The first of the Camaro packages is the Cool #9 Street Edition. It includes Eibach springs and sway bars, as well as a new exhaust system, to give a bit more growl. A GMP lip spoiler, grill and rocker panels are added, along with a custom rear valence and diffuser, after which it gets a set of SS-style stripes. Cool #9 cars with manual transmissions also get a Hurst short throw shifter. Next is the Circuit Edition, which includes everything from the Cool #9 and then some. This includes a fair amount of carbon fiber and lightweight wheels, but the most important thing is the available supercharger.

The Ice Nine Group Challenger is called Icon9, and it's most notable feature is the widebody kit. The kit adds six inches to the width of the Challenger, but this is more than just cool looking. The Icon9 can now be fitted with 11.5-inch wide rear wheels and 10-inch wide front wheels. This is important, as it allows the Icon9 to better handle the extra power from the available supercharged versions of the 5.7, 6.1 or 6.4-liter Hemi engines, as does the new shaker hood. The widebody Challenger will even be making an appearance in the upcoming Fast 5.

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