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Let's just say… you wouldn't see this in an Audi.

It hasn't been a great start to the month for the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Just days ago, an owner of the fully redesigned sports car had only had possession of his pride and joy for a single day when a drunk driver caused an accident that left the C8 destroyed. This, of course, was a very unfortunate and (hopefully) one-off incident, but a much more widespread quality issue has surfaced.

Basically, the owner of a C8 - going by the username DoctorV8 on Corvette Forum - posted an image of the C8's dashboard and, specifically, the white stitching to the right of the center console that runs above the air vents. The image makes it clear that the stitching doesn't run smoothly, with a disappointing waviness that reduces the perception of quality.

DoctorV8 via Corvette Forum DoctorV8 via Corvette Forum Oh Boy via Corvette Forum

If this was an isolated fault, perhaps it could be overlooked, but several other users posted images of 3LT Corvettes with the same issue. While it may seem trivial to some, the contrast color stitching makes the fault hard to miss, and once you see it… well, it's hard to unsee. It's the kind of flaw that would have Audi or Lexus calling an emergency board meeting.

Looking at the image again, we also noticed that higher up on the dashboard, the trim strip flowing into the door trim doesn't align, either. Look, if the C8 was a compact model, perhaps we could overlook these issues, but the 3LT trim starts at $71,945 before any options. That's money that could almost get you into a Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe, a car that has a flawlessly built cabin.

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On the forum's thread, many users were really unimpressed. One said "that would drive me nuts… it should be replaced under warranty." Another said: "does not speak well for GM quality control. That should have never left the plant. If these are acceptable GM standards throughout the build process, [there are] going to be a lot of unhappy owners" and another, quite simply, that it was "horrible." Ouch.

Others suggested that expansion and contraction of the material, based on the temperature, could be the cause. Even so, it's not what you want to see in your brand new sports car. It was suggested that buyers intent on the C8 should steer clear of the leather dashboard upgrade. It remains to be seen whether GM will issue a recall for the errant dashboard trim.

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Source Credits: Corvette Forum

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