New Chevy Corvette E-Ray Hybrid Leaked On Official 2024 Configurator

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The E-Ray's configurator went live for a few hours before somebody realized the mistake.

Somebody in Chevrolet's IT department hit the wrong button and made the 2024 Corvette E-Ray configurator live for a few hours. As we all know, once something has been on the internet, it's never going away. The Mid Engine Corvette Forum and Corvette Blogger grabbed a few screenshots before Chevrolet pushed the off button.

This little snafu, which feels a bit like a planned event, confirmed several things. First, the name. We knew it would replace the Grand Sport and slot in underneath the Z06, but it has never been confirmed whether E-Ray was simply a codename or the car's actual name.

Secondly, the E-Ray does not appear to be a plug-in hybrid.

Mid Engine Corvette Forum
Mid Engine Corvette Forum
Corvette Blogger

The various screengrabs show the car from both sides, with only one fuel filler cap. This might be an oversight, but the configurator is too detailed for that.

The E-Ray is equipped with the same wide body as the Corvette Z06, but the exterior trim is finished in the same color as the body instead of the Z06's black. It gives the car a more docile appearance compared to the Z06. Elsewhere, the E-Ray retains the exhausts of the standard Stingray rather than the Z06's central layout.

Three new colors will also be available should nothing change between now and the official release - Cacti, Sea-Wolf, and Riptide Blue. These colors might be unique to the E-Ray or be a part of the 2024 model year upgrade, but we've seen Cacti Green before on a much more sedate vehicle as it was the launch color for the new Chevrolet Trax.

Mid Engine Corvette Foru
Corvette Blogger

We can glean a few details of the cabin, too, with newly added buttons for the regenerative braking system and an automatic Stop/Start feature. An E-Ray badge is also incorporated into the lower carbon edge of the flat-bottom steering wheel.

Several colors will be available for the upholstery, but none are earth-shatteringly special. Jet Black - with either black, red, or yellow stitching - is joined by Adrenaline Red, Natural, or Two-Tone Blue. The most interesting choice is Artemis, which appears to be a dark green. Interior trim can be had in carbon fiber in two specs, or 'stealth,' which we presume is plain black.

Corvette Blogger
Corvette Blogger

The configurator also mentions a ZER Performance Package, though what it includes is not mentioned. It appears that all models will be equipped with carbon ceramic brakes, and an earlier video proves that it can run on electric power alone.

We already know the electric motor or motors will power the front wheels, making the E-Ray the first all-wheel-drive 'Vette and likely the fastest in a straight line.

The other half of the hybrid setup is the standard C8's 6.2-liter V8. While nothing has been confirmed, the power output is expected to be somewhere between 600 to 650 horsepower.

The fact that it's not a plug-in hybrid leads us to believe that Chevrolet is keeping that particular system in reserve for the rumored 1,000-hp Zora.

The Corvette family is expected to grow in the coming years. In addition to the Zora, GM is believed to be working on a fully-electric 'Vette. The latest rumors suggest that Corvette will become its own sub-brand, eventually spawning an electric SUV and sedan.

Corvette Blogger
Corvette Blogger

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