New CLE63 Coupe To Replace Mercedes-AMG C63 And AMG E53 Spied For The First Time

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The replacement for the C63 and E53 coupes is getting closer to production.

In case you missed it, Mercedes-Benz has decided that it offers too many products. Thus, it is getting rid of some unnecessary niche fillers and presenting a new lineup of luxury cars that should be more distinguishable from one another. This decision is most evident in the coupes that Mercedes offers, with the C-Class and E-Class coupes set to be replaced by one model that will bridge the gap between the two.

This new model will be called the CLE, and we've seen the base coupe and its convertible sibling on numerous occasions. Now, our spy photographers have given us our first look at the high-performance AMG version.

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The Mercedes-AMG CLE63 Coupe prototype was spied near the Nurburgring, and although this is our first sighting and the car is still very much draped in concealing camouflage, it appears that we're looking at the production body. A unique Panamericana grille is evident, as are large lower intakes in the front bumper. We can also see contrasting grey mirror caps, AMG wheels wrapped in Michelin rubber, and at the rear, a subtle trunk spoiler. AMG's signature squared exhaust tips once again feature as a pair on either side of the faux diffuser.

We can also see the bigger brakes that an AMG model needs. Interestingly, it appears that the CLE's design won't present a radical departure from that of the current C63 Coupe.

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The hybrid underpinnings can be detected by squinting at the right side of the rear bumper, but we already know what to expect. Under the hood, we should find the same powertrain that was recently unveiled in the C63 S E Performance sedan. That means the world's most powerful production 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo, which produces 469 horsepower on its own, mated to an electric motor generating 201 hp. The combined total from this hybrid setup is 671 hp and 752 lb-ft of torque.

The coupe should offer the same performance, presumably with a little less weight to lug around. A reveal date has not been publicly announced yet, but expect to see the new CLE Coupe next year.

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