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The new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon will arrive Stateside, but we'll have to wait two more years for them to go on sale.

Although Ford has made it clear that it's new Ranger pickup won't be coming to the US market, and Ram doesn't make the Dakota anymore, GM confirmed back in 2011 that its next-generation Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize trucks will make it Stateside. The thing is, the automaker didn't say when exactly. Fortunately a new report is claiming that GM North American President Mark Reuss has now clarified that both pickups will be launched in the US in two years' time. So what's up with the prolonged waiting game?

The answer is actually quite simple. GM just launched its newly redesigned Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra at Detroit but the full-size truck spotlight was stolen by Ford with its Atlas Concept, which is a clear preview of the next F-150. That latter truck is also due to arrive to market late next year as a 2015 model, so GM wants to be sure it has something new to offer then as well. Remember, Ford is hoping former Ranger owners will continue moving up to the larger F-150, but GM obviously wants to steal some away by putting them in the driver seat of the new and smaller Colorado/Canyon.

Few specifics were given regarding US packaging options for GM's upcoming mid-size pickups, with Reuss only stating that the pair will be targeted directly towards small business owners and fleet buyers and that they will be a "little bigger than a (Toyota) Tacoma." For now, the Colorado and Canyon that debuted back in 2004 remain on sale.

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