New Corvette Stingray Suffers Total Engine Failure After Just 6,000 Miles

It just so happens to be Car and Driver magazine's long-termer.

General Motors has got to be feeling pretty embarrassed right about now. Car and Driver magazine’s long-term 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has experienced a bit of a problem. Well, a big problem. After only 6,000 miles the C7 suffered complete engine failure. For the record, no one else previously owned the car. It was brand-new straight from the factory. So what the hell happened here? Car and Driver’s mechanical crew wasn’t able to fully participate in GM’s investigation.

However, the automaker blamed the problem on a piece of metal debris (probably from a bad oil filter) "that worked its way into the oiling system and wrecked a connecting-rod bearing, which created even more debris that damaged the engine’s bottom-end." Obviously the LT1 small-block V8 was completely replaced under warranty. The C7 was returned good as new and hasn’t experienced any other engine-related issues. However, C&R further says it’s heard about other C7 owners who’ve experienced similar engine issues. To its credit, GM acknowledges it’s aware of the problem and is "analyzing its manufacturing process for a root cause."

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