New Defender Coming to America

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After a 14-year absence, the Land Rover Defender will reportedly be heading back to American shores in the next few years.

Last year at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Land Rover revealed two concepts that clearly previewed what a future Defender could look like if it were to reach production. Called the DC100 and DC100 Sport, both were essentially the same vehicle with the exception of the urban-friendly Sport missing its top and the fixed-roof DC100 more oriented for off-road adventures. We've heard various rumors since then, but today comes word from Cars UK that not only will there be a new Defender for 2015, but it'll also be heading Stateside.

Although it's been 14 years since the Defender was sold in the US, and based on the success of the new Evoque, Land Rover feels confident that a reborn Defender will strike the right chords just about... everywhere. Not only will it be sold in the US and Europe, but the plan is to roll it out as a global product. No further details are known at this point, but we predict that Land Rover will offer the new Defender, like the long-serving current model, with various body-style options for different markets and lifestyles.

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