New Details Emerge On F90 BMW M5 Drivetrain And Appearances

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Will this be the car that brings the M5 back to its roots?

So much news and fanfare has been dispensed about the upcoming M5 that we wonder why BMW even tries to keep its impending release under wraps at all. Rumors have leaked out from all ends and though nothing has been confirmed for sure, BMW Blog is the latest to come to us with a new bag of blurbs about the four-door hot rod. Included is information about powertrain modes, the car's overall appearance, and special features that should make this M one of the most exciting reveals of 2017.

We've already heard that it will likely produce a little over 600 horsepower and be able to launch from 0-62 mph in only 3.6 seconds courtesy of a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8. Power aside, the reason for its harsh launch will be an included all-wheel drive system that will have three modes. The first will be standard all-wheel drive and the second will be all-wheel drive sport. Not only will this open up the M car to a host of markets usually covered in slippery white powder more than half the year, but it will allow the big Bimmer to carve up the track more effectively and launch harder. These aren't virtues all purists seek, however, so a third rear-wheel drive only mode has been included much like the Mercedes-AMG E63 S carries.

Still, it's unclear if this mode will prioritize smoky drifts and burnouts the way the Tri-Star's does or if it will be optimized for fans that actually enjoy taking hot laps with a rear-wheel drive bias, but choices will still be abundant with two M buttons on the steering wheel for maximum customization. Eyes will be pleased as well with a new Marina Bay Blue color launching with the F90 M5 to compliment the sporty rear diffuser, five-spoke 20-inch wheels painted in Jet Black and accented with a shade of silver, and a larger M mirror like on the M3 and M4. As mentioned previously, the transmission will an eight-speed double clutch with shift paddles and a larger P button. Hold your breath because a reveal will take place this year with sales beginning 2018.

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