New Details Emerge Regarding the Tesla "D"

No, it isn't going to be a new sports car.

Theother day we told you about a mysterious Tweet shared by Tesla founder and CEO ElonMusk. With a teaser image and a promise to "unveil the D and somethingelse" on October 9th, Musk's minced words created quite a stir in theautomotive community, with whispers of a new model, maybe even a sports car,underway. Now, thanks to a picture posted in the Tesla Motors Club forum andsome info from Edmunds, it seems this "D" willactually just be another letter added to the Model S.

The pictured Model S is branded as "P85D". And while we stilldon't know exactly what that means, Edmond's Tweet from the Paris show alsohelps to put this in context: "According to the guide there's supposed tobe an all-wheel drive Tesla here at the Paris Motor Show. There is not."It seems likely that the "D" will actually be an all-wheel driveversion of the Model S, to be presented later this week. Now, what about that"something else?"

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