New Details Have Emerged On Alfa Romeo's 5 Series Rival


Maybe, like the Giulia, we will see it many years from now.

Back in 2013 we knew that Alfa Romeo had a plan to build eight brand new models to reinvigorate itself. Those plans included a 3 Series rival, which we now know as the Giulia, and an SUV, which we know now as the Stelvio. Although these models do have names, we haven't, at least in the US, even received a single one at dealerships. Even though the Giulia hasn't even hit US dealers yet, we now have some new details about the sedan that will slot right above it in the Alfa Romeo lineup. Unfortunately, the details are minimal.

We do not have a name, but we know that this new model will be around the same size as a BMW 5 Series. It will be powered by the same 2.2-liter diesel and 2.0-liter gasoline engine from the Giulia with RWD and AWD. Like the Giulia, this new car will come with an eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual, although the UK market will probably only get the automatic. This platform is scalable for hybrid and electric vehicles. "The platform is built to support whatever kind of electrification we do," said Afla Romeo CEO Harald Wester. "It can support everything from plug-in hybrid to full electric." There will also likely be a cloverleaf version with the Giulia's Quadrifoglio's 503 hp engine.

We were expecting a little more details about the car by this point, so this news is a little disappointing. Honestly, it doesn't really matter when Alfa Romeo actually reveals its 5 Series rival, because like the Giulia it will probably be delayed numerous times.

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