New Details on Upcoming McLaren F1 Replacement

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Specific details of the upcoming McLaren F1 spiritual successor have finally begun about 12 months before it's revealed.

UK auto publication CAR has just released some new details about the upcoming McLaren F1 successor. More specifically, the car will be its spiritual successor and will be placed above the MP4-12C. In their exclusive inside story, the new hypercar will be unveiled within the next 12 months. Codenamed the P12, CAR claims that an inside source says that it looks like something out of "iRobot" and that it's much more dramatic looking than the MP4-12C.

CAR's eight-page spread explains that the P12 will feature plenty of technology from the MP4-12C, such as a similar carbon Monocoque structure and more carbon throughout the body shell and structure. Most importantly, however, the P12 will utilize the MP4-12C's 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, albeit with a KERS energy storage system that will allow for extra electric power when overtaking. CAR also claims the P12 will start off at around €750,000. With Ferrari working on their beloved Enzo replacement, the ultimate hypercar comparison seems to be just around the corner. Get ready.

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