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New Dodge Compact Won’t Answer to the Name Hornet

There’ll be a new name in the Dodge lineup as Chrysler confirms Hornet is history.

Rumors that Dodge will give their new compact the name Hornet to replace the discontinued Caliber have been quashed as Reid Biglund, Head of the Dodge brand, revealed to The Detroit News: "Hornet will not be the name." That's settled then. Although there was no mention of what the name will be, The Detroit Auto Show is just a few weeks away, so we'll find out soon enough. All names aside, Biglum is optimistic about what will be the first Chrysler to be entirely developed by Fiat.

"I've never been as excited about a new car as I am about the new compact." The unnamed compact is set to take on the Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus, Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra and will "fill a significant hole in the product portfolio." The compact segment accounts for 15 percent of the US market and almost 25 percent in Canada. Reviving old nameplates is not new to Dodge, with the likes of Challenger and Charger, but the name that first appeared on the Hudson Hornet will not be resuscitated this time around. Something new and fresh will be created instead.

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