Ducati Built A Superbike To Match Your Lamborghini Huracan STO

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This is corporate partnership done right.

As you can guess from the name of this publication, we don't cover motorcycles very often. But when we do, they're special. That's certainly the case again today, with a new motorcycle from Ducati. Following on from the Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini of 2020, a Sian-inspired special edition, the two Italian speed specialists have teamed up again, this time with a bike inspired by the Lamborghini Huracan STO.

It's called the Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini and is based on the 205-horsepower Panigale V4 S '23. Ducati will produce 630+63 of these, calling to mind 1963, the year in which Lamborghini was founded. The first 630 are special, but the last 63 are even more so...

Ducati Ducati Ducati Ducati

Each and every example of the motorcycle features new bodywork inspired by that of the Huracan STO. Centro Stile Ducati produced a front mudguard that draws inspiration from the vents in the STO's clamshell front end, known as the cofango. Similarly, the belly pan extractors, which bear the STO script, are designed to call to mind the cooling intakes for the STO's rear brakes. The 'shoulder' side covers that would typically be joined to a fairing (if this were not a Streetfighter model) ape the design of the STO's front fender vents, and the redesigned seat cover references the engine cover on the Lambo.

As you'd expect, all of these components, with the exception of the belly pan, are made from carbon fiber. And not just any carbon fiber, either. It's made using the same texture that Lamborghini does. Continuing that theme is the color scheme of the seat, which mimics that seen in the STO. Other highlights include adjustable foot pegs plus brake and clutch levers made from billet aluminum.

Ducati Ducati Ducati Ducati

The aforementioned carbon fiber is also used for the headlight support, rear mudguard, rear subframe guard, saddle pad, dashboard cover, ignition switch cover, heel guards, and sprocket cover, as well as for heat protection covers for the rear head and manifolds of each cylinder bank. An Akrapovic titanium exhaust silencer with a carbon fiber end cap completes the look, while a metal plate in the tank cover reminds you that this is a limited edition by proudly displaying the name of the bike and its serial number. The serial number also appears on a billet aluminum insert on the key and on the TFT screen on startup.

The color combination is the same that debuted on the STO. Called Verde Citrea/Arancio Dac, the scheme is spectacular. The latter hue reappears on the Brembo wings and brake calipers, while the forks of the Ohlins suspension setup are black. And if you want to shout about your bike even when not atop it, a limited-edition helmet, jacket, and leathers in the same colors are available too. These details all pertain to the original run of 630 bikes.

Ducati Ducati Ducati Ducati

If you actually own a Huracan STO, you can order one of the 63 additional examples, called Speciale Clienti. Through a collaboration with Centro Stile Ducati, these STO owners can configure their bikes to match the colors of the body and wheels to those already chosen for their Lambos. Speaking of wheels, all versions of the Ducati special edition feature wheels with a similar design to those of the STO, and the rear wheel on the bike is a centerlock item.

The colors of the brake calipers can also be customized, with Yellow, Red, Black, and California Orange as additional options above Arancio Dac. Similarly, the colored accents on the saddle can also be specified in one of these hues. The helmet, jacket, and leathers can be customized similarly, but we think that may be overkill.

Pricing has not been revealed, but you can be sure that this will bike will cost well over $50,000. Deliveries will begin in April 2023. For those who can afford it, we'd act quickly, as the Sian-based special-edition Ducati from 2020 was sold out in weeks.

Ducati Ducati Ducati Ducati Ducati Ducati

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