New Elmiraj Concept Represents Future of Cadillac


Unveiled at the Monterey Car Week, new design concept glimpses at future range-topping Caddies.

Cadillac has unveiled the Elmiraj Concept, picking up the mantel from the gorgeous Ciel concept, and exploring new areas of the marque’s Art & Science philosophy. Neither car will be built of course, they simply hint at the brand’s next-generation of cars. The four-seater coupe, named after the El Mirage lakebed in the Mojave Desert, is 205 inches long, built on the underpinnings of an unspecified future production model that evolves the all-new CTS’ lightweight RWD performance. Power comes from an all-new 500-hp 4.5-liter twin-turbo V8.

The Elmiraj Concept’s signature Caddy design cues include a long dash-to-axle front profile, vertical front and rear lamps, while its performance credentials are evidenced by two vents in the long hood, 22-inch alloys housing large ceramic brakes and monoblock calipers.

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The rich blue exterior finish wears the Vsport badge and a new wreathless Cadillac Crest marking a new era of design. An interior finished in camel-colored leather, backlit titanium trim and Brazilian Rosewood epitomizes top-of-the-line luxury. Behind transparent analog gauges sits a hi-res screen displaying output from a front-mounted camera, and a centrally-located ten-inch touchscreen can be neatly concealed when not in use. The rear buckets of a 2+2 layout contain a special valet feature whereby rear passengers will be greeted by the front and rear seats sliding ten and four inches forward respectively, with the rear seat sliding them back into position once seated.