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New Engines And Tech For Jaguar XE, XF, And F-Pace Unveiled

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Any doubts that Jaguar's parent Tata Motors doesn't know how to do luxury can now be put to rest.

When India's Tata Motors took over a cash-strapped Jaguar Land Rover, enthusiasts and luxury lifestyle lovers alike were skeptical about whether or not the automaker once known for trying to build the world's cheapest car would be able to cater to the demands of luxury and sports car buyers. Cars like the Jaguar F-Type and Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography have quelled those fears, but any doubters left may want to make note of the latest family of trim options the automaker has released.

The biggest piece of news is the new 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine, which can be had in the XE, XF, and F-Pace SUV making it the first time that a four-banger has been offered in either the F-Pace or the mid-range BMW 5 Series fighter, the XF. With the help of centrally located fuel injectors and an exhaust manifold that comes integrated with the cylinder head, the engine can spend less time heating up to operating temperatures by allowing for coolant to pass through. The engine gives the entry-level Jaguar trio 247 horsepower of grunt while reducing emissions and can be spotted by looking for 25t badging on each respective model. The addition of this engine helps drop the price of the entry-level XF from $48,250 to $47,775.

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On the higher end of the spectrum, the entry-level Mercedes C-Class-bruising Jaguar XE gets an engine modification high in its trim level that helps its supercharged 3.0-liter V6 churn out 380 horsepower to all four wheels, up from the 340 ponies that outlined the previous horsepower wall for the XE. This more powerful model will be denoted by an S suffix after the XE badge. At $52,275, the XE S will undercut the XE 35t Limited Edition by $4,635. Additionally, the limited edition F-Pace Portfolio and XE Portfolio will gain the luxurious 20-way power adjustable front seats while the F-Pace, XE, and XF will see a revised paint palette added to help with the individualization process.

Along with the paint, all three vehicles will see Jaguar's Forward Traffic Detection—which uses the optional surround camera system to notify the driver when a target..erm, obstacle crosses paths, as well as the Forward Vehicle Guidance system that also relies on the surround vision cameras to help drivers navigate tight parking situations—added to the options list. XF and XE models also gain an available active blind spot assistant that can nudge the Jag back in its lane if the driver attempts to merge into an adjacent vehicle. Finally and perhaps just as exciting as the new XE S is Jaguar's new in-car cashless payment system.

This feature allows owners to pay for gas at Shell service stations by simply using the touch screen infotainment system. The system requires the owner to download the Shell app onto their phone and uses PayPal, Apple Pay, or Android Pay to complete the transaction. It eliminates the need to insert a card into the gas pump and even displays receipts on the infotainment screen. Currently it's only offered to XE, XF, and F-Pace buyers in the UK although customers around the world can expect to use this feature soon, albeit less often than initially needed thanks to the new four-cylinder engine.