New EV Crate Motor Will Give An Easy 590 HP To Any Classic Car

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What's the most controversial classic car you could put this in?

Custom applications for EV motors are no new idea. The instant a Tesla Model S leaves the assembly line, someone is going to gut it, drop the motor in a BMW, and send it 'round the Nurburgring. Ford will even sell you an electric crate motor, just like it would a V8.

Equipmake's new Ampere-220 electric crate motor is one of the lightest and most power-dense we've ever heard of. The motor weighs just 44 lbs. and will produce 295 hp. That means, with a motor at each axle, you're producing 590 hp with a dual motor and drive setup that weighs just 88 lbs combined.

Equipmake Equipmake

All told, the drive unit encompasses a silicon carbide inverter, all electronics, the motors, and a transmission system into the unit you see here. That means the unit will directly power a vehicle's axles, drastically reducing drivetrain loss and weight. The 290-hp motor produces 6.7 horsepower per pound.

Equipmake says it has marketed the unit towards the producers of "electric sports cars and supercars." However, 295 hp is not all this unit has to offer. Apparently, a twin-motor, dual-axle one is available, which will push "up to 590 hp" per axle, making total output closer to 1,180 hp. Thanks to the drive unit's 3D-printed construction, the weight stays low, which means the power-to-weight figures on these units are incredibly high.

Equipmake Equipmake

Ian Foley, Equipmake CEO, said: "With such a huge amount of performance in a compact, lightweight electric drive unit, one that is also ISO 26262-compliant and ASIL-D ready, Ampere-220 e-axle provides the total off-the-shelf high-performance electric solution for manufacturers of electric sports cars and supercars. It further underlines Equipmake's position as a leading provider of state-of-the-art electrification systems to the automotive industry."

If you've gotten this far, it means you probably care a good bit about new EV tech. That said, you may recognize Equipmake if you do. The brand recently worked on Ariel's batshit 1,180-hp Hipercar EV. The car might look like a strange mashup of a Transformer and a pug, but you've got to appreciate the engineering at work. Thanks to the Hipercar, we also know that these motors can produce up to 1,180 hp.

Equipmake Equipmake

Unfortunately, Equipmake has yet to mention costs. Frankly, for those kinds of numbers, we expect the units won't be cheap. Still, given the reliability of electric drivetrains and the power gains to be had, we won't be surprised to see these end up in many formerly-gas project cars. However, Equipmake is clearly looking to break into a larger segment, marketing its motors toward automakers rather than individuals. As long as they'll still sell one to any of us car folks who cares?

Equipmake Equipmake

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