New Facel Vega Rumored to be in the Works

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French automotive websites reporting a new Facel Vega is in development. Others suggest it could be work of smartass design students.

From 1954 to 1964, the small French automaker Facel Vega built prestigious sedans and luxury coupes, and was often heralded as France's answer to Rolls-Royce. These days large sums of money are paid for the few cars that still exist. Since its demise, rumors of the brand's resurrection have surfaced sporadically but nothing tangible has ever come about. This time, however, a potential revival could be on the cards according to certain sections of the French media.

Several mysterious images of a modern-day interpretation of a Facel Vega coupe have appeared on various French websites. Some areas of the French media suggest this is merely the work of aspiring design students, while others believe it is proof of a fully-fledged attempt at bringing the brand back to life and the design of the car has been finalized. Reports also suggest that a car may be launched in the next two to three years and that a concept could be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September. Sketches and computer-generated teaser shots are of a 2+2 coupe fitted with a quartet of bucket seats and a retro-styled dashboard.

The exterior styling nods at the Facel Vegas of the fifties and sixties but with a far sportier stance, and the layout suggest a front-engine vehicle with plenty of room for a RWD transmission and driveshaft.

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