New Ferrari Warranty Program May Be One Of The Longest In The Industry

Car Maintenance

Unlike a Corolla, Ferrari knows its owners want to keep their cars on the road as long as possible.

We’re in the midst of a strange era in the world of automobiles, but then again when has that not been the case? The demands of a world maxed out on atmospheric carbon dioxide means that electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent just as automotive technology has gotten refined enough to build the hottest, flashiest, and fastest supercars mankind has ever known. Supercar collectors seem to know this, and the asking prices of today’s most ridiculous cars are indicative of the imminent death of the internal combustion engine.

A supercar today is more like a Picasso, and would you protect your Picasso, assuming of course that you had one in the first place? Ferrari suspects that its owners might be interested in that, smart investors that they are. As the world’s supply of new 812 Superfasts leave the gates of Maranello, the Prancing Horse has decided to announce a new extended warranty program along with it. New Power 15 is the name and it is essentially a warranty extension program that allows owners of Ferraris up to 15 years old to remain covered under factory warranty. It is a compliment to its previous 12 year coverage option, a nod to the fact that, unlike your average passenger sedan, an owner is likely to want to keep a Ferrari running for life.

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The Ferrari warranty hierarchy works as follows. First is the four year factory warranty that comes standard on all Prancing Horse models. Following that is a seven-year free maintenance program. The full factory warranty can be extended a full year and in the Ferrari’s 6th year, once it’s seen its fair share of tire changes, rumble strips, and cocktail dresses, the New Power warranty program comes into effect, protecting all major components including the engine, gearbox, PTU, suspension, and steering. That lasts all the way up until year 12, or at least it did. With the New Power 15 program, the warranty can be extended after year 12 for 12 months at a time.

A maximum of three renewals can be made up until the car reaches 15 years of age. Luckily Ferrari is pretty liberal about the program. It allows just about any Ferrari to join including pre-owned Ferraris, those that have missed earlier opportunities to get in on the warranty program (provided the car undergoes a thorough technical check first), and those with gaps in coverage. The warranty policy is also transferable, meaning the investment is not lost when it comes time to sell the car. If you must to know the price of such a program, then you probably don’t have a Ferrari in the garage anyway. Then again, if you're the typical Ferrari customer, the cost of factory repairs shouldn't bother you anyway.