New Ford F-150 Has Something in Common with Beer Cans

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Seriously, it's true.

The annual Detroit Auto Show is the venue where automakers, especially American ones, unveil their most vital new models. And next month, Ford will debut the next-generation F-150 full-size pickup. The current F-150 is still selling like hotcakes, but those who are willing to wait for the new model will be rewarded, big time. Previewed last year at Detroit with the Atlas concept, the 2015 F-150, as we already knew, is going to make extensive use of aluminum throughout.

This will reportedly drop some 750 lbs. in order to help meet strict new fuel economy regulations. Aluminum is the metal beer cans are made from. The material used in the new F-150, however, will be no ordinary aluminum. Supposedly Ford has teamed up with Alcoa Inc., a company that manufactures aluminum blast shields for battlefield vehicles. The goal was to have a form of aluminum that's more than strong enough to meet all safety standards as well as meet the truck needs of loyal buyers. Using this amount of aluminum in a pickup hasn't been done before, and we'll get all the details in just a couple more weeks.

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