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New Ford F-150's Beer-Can Body a Costly Repair?

It's aluminum body is not something mechanics are familiar with.

The new 2015 Ford F-150 is definitely a game-changer due to its excessive use of aluminum that shaves off nearly 700 lbs. compared to its predecessor. Having that much aluminum in a mass produced car means that future products will also likely inherit its lightweight magic. But there is a catch. As the 2015 F-150’s aluminum body parts are so new, there will be fewer independent repair shops that are certified to do proper maintenance.

Combined with the necessary training requirements and equipment, the Automotive Service Association is claiming that less than 10 percent of those shops are certified to handle new F-150 work. Ford is also estimating that the truck’s insurance costs will increase by 10 percent due to the aluminum. Ford claims the majority of F-150 owners live within a close enough distance of a certified shop. But until mechanics learn the ins and outs of this new lightweight aluminum, repairs for the new F-150 likely won’t be cheap.

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