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New Ford Focus ST's 0-60 MPH Time Is Absolutely Stellar

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Watch the hot hatch we can't get scurry from 0-60 mph faster than the one we did.

The last Focus ST still ranks among our favorite hot hatches, and one we were glad to see Ford bring to America. The new one, unfortunately, isn't slated to grace US dealers. Which is a crying shame, because it stands to raise the bar even higher.

With a 2.3-liter turbo four sending 276 horsepower to the front wheels, the new Focus ST is the most powerful yet. At its launch, the Blue Oval said it would best the outgoing model's six-second 0-60 mph time. And as it turns out, it wasn't kidding.

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This brief video clip shows Dearborn's new pocket rocket dashing from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour – that's 62 miles per hour to us yanks – in just 5.7 seconds. And while 62 isn't the same as 60, it's safe to say that it's quicker than the old model.

To get there, Ford didn't just give the new Focus ST more power. It also benefits from a new suspension setup, better brakes, and improved electronics to get the most out of its work-a-day form factor. It's the first front-drive Ford, for instance, to use an electronic limited-slip differential.

It also employs adaptive dampers to transition from the daily grind to spirited driving machine, and even has an available rev-matching function to help those who have yet to perfect their heel-and-toe technique nail the perfect downshift.

Those in markets where Ford will offer the new Focus ST will get to choose between EcoBoost or diesel engines, six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmissions, and five-door hatchback or extended wagon body-styles. Unfortunately those markets do not include our own, but maybe we can get the American automaker to change its mind on that front.