New Ford New Bronco Designer Drives 1976 Bronco For Inspiration


Now THIS is how to do the job right.

Moray Callum, brother of famed Jaguar design boss, Ian Callum, is Ford's chief designer who's now tasked with designing the upcoming revived Bronco SUV. Some may consider this as something of a daunting task, considering the Bronco's legacy and legions of fans, but, according to Automotive News, Callum is doing some amazing research. How so? He's currently driving around a 1976 Ford Bronco. Callum, conveniently so, is also a vintage car enthusiast and owns several old cars, but the Bronco just so happens to be his wife's favorite.

What is it about that Bronco that Callum loves most? Its simplicity and how high the passengers sit. "It's very inspirational," Callum told Automotive News. While Ford is remaining mum on specific details, we can confirm the revived Bronco, due in 2020 just after the Ranger pickup truck's return, will utilize a body-on-frame chassis, thus making it a proper off-road SUV. Both the Ranger and Bronco will share a platform. What's more, it'll be built locally at the Michigan Assembly Plant. Its direct competitor will more than likely be the next generation Jeep Wrangler, itself due in 2018.

Because of the vehicle's age, Callum added, his old Bronco does have one feature that definitely won't return in a few years: a three-on-the-three manual transmission. Callum couldn't even get a valet to park the Bronco at a restaurant recently because, well, the guy didn't know how to manually shift. Despite that, rest assured that Ford's revived Bronco will be a proper off-roader and not a soccer mom friendly crossover, like the Escape.


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