New Ford Ranger Gets Suit Of Armor From South African Bulletproofing Experts

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Turn your Ranger into an impenetrable rolling fortress for just $27,700.

The new Ford Ranger may have only just arrived in the United States, but overseas, it's been on sale for some time. One of these markets is South Africa, where armoring experts SVI Engineering have already unveiled an armored version of the handsome pickup truck.

Powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 diesel engine, this four-wheel-drive model features B4 protection glass, resistant to handguns up to a .44 Magnum. SVI says the production-ready model will have lightweight Kevlar sheets behind the body panels to protect all occupants.

While this solution won't protect you from AK-47s and similar weapons, it will withstand most threats. In South Africa, carjacking is a serious problem; criminals often smash windows with bricks or rocks. The B4-armored glass will certainly prevent that from happening.

SVI Engineering
SVI Engineering

SVI Engineering did not say when the armored Ranger will be available but has released pricing for its product. B4 "discreet" armor will set buyers back R529,979 (approx. $27,700) for the Crew Cab, while B6 protection is priced at R802,746 (approx. $41,900) for the same body style. The security kit is more affordable, at R273,419 (approx. $14,300).

The armoring experts note that the protection packages will also be offered for the Single Cab and Super Cab variants. If you're wary of a third-party chopping up your brand-new Ranger, don't be: Ford South Africa has appointed SVI as an official partner.

You can go into a Ford dealership and order a bulletproof truck directly from the Pretoria-based company. Rangers are built in South Africa in left- and right-hand-drive configurations, so you should theoretically be able to import one of these trucks under the "Show or Display" rule, as it allows for vehicles with "technological significance."

SVI Engineering
SVI Engineering

As mentioned, a B6 "discreet" package will also be made available. This protection can fend off attacks from serious weaponry, including the AK-47, R1, and R5 rifles. SVI notes this is the highest level of protection civilians are allowed to purchase without having to obtain a special permit. A more affordable B6 kit (known as the Stopgun V2.0) will cater to the security and mining industry.

SVI Engineering services a wide range of customers. Should you need an armored luxury SUV, the company can cater to your whims. But if you require something a bit more substantial, SVI also produces seriously heavy machinery called MAX 3 and MAX 9. The former is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 and can be armored to B7 level - which can withstand blast attacks.

MAX 9, on the other hand, is a 16,500-lb monster powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins engine. We spent some time driving this monster, and it is a riot.

SVI Engineering
SVI Engineering

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