New Home Charger Can Schedule When To Charge Your EV

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The WiFi-enabled EV charger is a smart solution.

As more electric cars permeate the market, people are starting to forget about range anxiety being a valid concern for avoiding the inevitable. This is mainly because many new EVs offer exceptional range, but even when you get a car like the Volkswagen ID.6 promising well over 400 miles of range, one of the obstacles to EVs being practical is charging time.

Fortunately, the likes of Tesla and even those not involved with the manufacture of EVs have been offering better options than the standard provision. The latest is from Electrify America, and it's a Level 2 charger with impressive specs.

Electrify America Electrify America

This new charger, called the HomeStation, can replenish your battery at rates of up to 9.6 kilowatts, making it seven times faster than if you plug your car into a regular wall socket. Under the right conditions, the new charger is claimed to offer up to 33 miles of charge per hour. We suspect that different cars will have different results, but this is decent nonetheless. It's also simple enough that you can install it at home without the assistance of a professional. The amperage can also be customized slightly, offering the ability to deliver 40, 32, or 16 amps, and with a three-year warranty, it should provide peace of mind too.

Electrify America Electrify America Electrify America

This charger can also be installed outdoors if you like, and with a 24-foot charging cable, it's on par with what Tesla offers. However, while Tesla's unit costs 500 bucks, this one retails for $649. You do get additional features for your cash though, as the system can be connected to WiFi, allowing you to remotely schedule when the charger starts and stops working using the Electrify America app. The brand's senior manager, Nina Huesgen, says that the company is "confident that the HomeStation will deliver that desired level of simplicity for their home charging needs." We see no reason to disagree, especially if products like these help make the EV more popular.

Electrify America Electrify America

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