New Honda Civic Boasts Radical New Interior Design

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The new Civic will be the first model to feature Honda's new interior design concept.

Having previewed the all-new Civic's sleek, redesigned exterior, ahead of eleventh-generation's reveal later this week, Honda has revealed a new interior design concept it calls "Simplicity and something" that will be applied to all future Honda models. This new interior design direction will first be applied to the next-generation Honda Civic.

Honda's new interior concept is inspired by the "human-centered designs" of Honda's early models and will "enhance the driving experience by eliminating complexity" and "advancing the user experience through thoughtful and pleasing design elements".

This new approach will reduce the space required for mechanical components, resulting in a more spacious cabin.


"Simplicity in design requires not only a strong philosophy but a discipline toward the user experience," said Johnathan Norman, Creative Lead for Honda Interior Design in the US. "We've heard from designers working for other brands who say they were inspired by the simple, human-centered design of old Hondas. Well, so are we!"

As a result, future Honda interiors will have less visual clutter, thin pillars, a low cowl, and a large greenhouse providing better visibility. Norman adds that the "simplicity" philosophy refers to the design language, while the "and something" refers to each model's unique personality.

"We are pursuing this design language with the new Hondas we're designing in the studio now," he said. "It's our 'simple' approach to design with the 'and something' that will help differentiate each product and make your future Honda vehicles something you want to drive and are excited to use."

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To preview this new design direction, a render design released by Honda shows an interior with a cleaner, less cluttered look than a cabin in the current Civic, incorporating a floating touchscreen on the dashboard with a volume knob. In the current Civic, the touchscreen is integrated into the center console. A honeycomb strip with seamlessly integrated air vents also runs across the entire width of the dashboard in the passenger compartment.

For the first time in a US-market Honda, the new Civic will also have a digital instrument cluster judging from the interior concept. We should get a better look at the new Civic's interior on April 28, but if it looks like this minimalist concept cabin then then we're already sold.

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