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New Honda Civic Type R Is Almost Here And We're Tired Of Only Spy Shots

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Really, just reveal the damn thing already.

With absolutely no offense to our team of heroic and outright ballsy spy photographers who do what they need to do (like hiding in bushes for extended lengths of time and pissing in Ziploc bags) to get the best shots of upcoming new cars, we're tired of seeing the next-gen Honda Civic Type-R in camo. We want the real deal as does the rest of the hot-hatch loving world. Some of the earliest spy shots of the new Civic Type R date all the way back to August 2013when it was caught testing at the Nurburgring.

There've even been not one, but two concept versions that looked about production ready. So what's Honda been waiting for? Surely not for the car to receive US street legal approval. That sure as hell ain't ever going to happen. Latest intel is that the new Type R will debut at Geneva in March. Power will come from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four banger with at least 280 horsepower. We hope. We pray. We just want this thing to launch already.

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