New Honda Civic Type R Will Look More Chill

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But will still pack a serious punch.

It's not arriving until next year, but the 2022 Honda Civic sedan has already been shown off in prototype form, sporting much more toned down styling than the outgoing tenth-generation model. Honda also confirmed that the coupe model would be dropped for the 11th generation, but leaked patent images have provided a glimpse of the hatchback.

By combining those leaked pictures with what Honda showed of the sedan, rendering artists have cooked up some pretty realistic images of what the next-gen Civic hatchback will look like. Rendering artist Kleber Silva took a crack at designing the base Civic hatchback and the hardcore Type R model, while X-Tomi Design also came in with a Type R rendering (albeit in a bolder color).

KDesign AG KDesign AG X-Tomi Design

Although the Type R renderings come from two different artists, they look pretty similar. That's because Silva and X-Tomi took styling elements from the current Type R, then grafted them into the new model's body. The resulting creation still looks worthy of its hot-hatch title, with massive black wheels, red accents, plenty of scoops and hard creases, tri-tip exhaust, and a massive rear spoiler.

Some rumors predict the new Type R will ditch the front-wheel-drive layout in favor of an all-wheel-drive setup. These same rumors predict a 400 horsepower rating, though that seems too big a jump from the 306 hp in the current model. Whether or not the car receives an automatic option, Honda seems likely to retain the Type R's manual transmission.

KDesign AG KDesign AG

Silva also took a crack at rendering the standard Civic hatchback in a bold shade of red. Aside from missing the connected taillight bar pictured in the patent images, this rendering looks pretty accurate. Like the sedan prototype, the production hatchback should be majorly toned down compared to the current model. The extreme styling of the tenth-gen Civic, hasn't been to everyone's tastes, which is perhaps why Honda has seen fit to tone down the 2022 Civic. Time will tell if these predicted designs come to life.

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Front Angle View
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Source Credits: Kleber Silva

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