New Honda e:N2 Electric Concept Looks Nothing Like The Prologue

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It definitely has a unique appearance.

Honda has given us a clearer look at the future design direction of its fully electric models with the reveal of the e:N2 Concept. Making its premiere at the Fifth China International Import Expo in Shanghai, China, the e:N2 is a concept model for the brand's second set of e:N Series models.

While America waits for its own modern Honda EV in the form of the Prologue SUV - which thankfully avoids an anonymous alphanumeric name - the e:N2 boasts a much more daring design. In fact, Honda says that the e:N2's design is so unique that it doesn't fit into any traditional category. Looking at it, perhaps this isn't far from the truth.


The e:N2 has sharp lines and the same overall design language that was seen on the brand's e:N Series of EVs introduced last year, specifically the e:N GT Concept. Like that car, the e:N2 has dramatic lighting that follows the lines of the body, along with an illuminated front Honda logo. The front fascia gradually angles outwards as it leads up to the hood, just as on the 2020 SUV e-concept. It appears to have four doors and a short, protruding trunk like a traditional sedan, but not much else about it is traditional.

Although we can't see the interior, Honda says it has a "clean and uncluttered digital cockpit." The car features "smart hospitality" via the Honda Connect system, with clever lighting and even scents in the cabin.

The e:N2 will be built on the e:N Architecture F which will underpin other EVs in the e:N Series. Crisp handling and excellent stability are promised.


"The e:N2 Concept represents the value of our e:N Series, which will 'redefine the fun EVs can offer to customers' with their unique driving pleasure, the value of mobility space, and design," said Toshihiro Mibe from Honda.

This focus on fun driving dynamics for a new EV is refreshing, as conventionally-powered Hondas like the Civic and its Type R derivative have generally been regarded as engaging to drive relative to their competitors.

The production version of the e:N2 is expected to be a China-only model, but it shows Honda's commitment to break new ground in the EV space. That could hint at more exciting EVs for the brand in the USA in the years to come, likely from its collaboration with Sony.

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