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We do a little shopping to see how much our dream eighties rides cost today.

The 1980s was an intriguing decade. It gave us movie masterpieces like Back To The Future, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Empire Strikes Back, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but did this decade produce legendary cars? Some people might say that the '80s were a dark time for automobiles thanks to models like the C4 Corvette, Ferrari Mondial, Maserati Biturbo, and Yugo 45. But they weren't all bad We have compiled some of the best cars from the 1980s to see how much these legendary cars cost today.

You couldn't possibly make a list of the coolest cars of the 1980s without including the most legendary supercar of all time. The Ferrari F40 is often placed on many car guy's lists as the greatest supercar of all time. Despite being built in the '80s, the F40 has a powertrain that is more like the new 488 GTB than other Ferrari models in the past. The F40 came with a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 478 horsepower. Unlike a modern Ferrari, the F40 didn't bother with fancy traction control and paddle shifters. This thing was basically a road-legal race car. Ferrari only planned to build 400, but demand was so high that 1,311 were actually built. Amazingly, at $1.4 million, the F40 is the least expensive of the Ferrari hypercars.


Back in the 1980s, BMW revolutionized the sports car world with the original M3. In the US, only 5,115 units of the E30 M3 were sold from 1988 to 1991, making it a true collectible. Rewind the clock back to the '80s, and you could have snagged an M3 for $34,945. Amazingly, the least expensive example that we could find was $34,995, albeit with over 179,000 miles on the clock. It is amazing to think that just five or six years ago, you could have bought an E30 M3 for half of this price. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an all-original example. Ask any E30 M3 owner, and they will tell you that maintaining the race-derived 2.3-liter S14 engine is no simple task. No one said owning a dream car was easy.


Automotive enthusiasts today seem to hate the trend of ditching V8 engines in favor of smaller, turbocharged V6s. However, this trend is far from new. In fact, back in 1982 Buick released one of the coolest cars of the decade, the Grand National. The top trim GNX model came with a 3.8-liter turbocharged V6 with 276 horsepower, (although many people believed that GM underrated this engine and output was really closer to 300 hp). The Buick Grand National was the gentleman's muscle car that could go toe-to-toe in a drag race with most of the exotics of the era. It is amazing that you can buy one of these for less than $30,000 today, considering it was one of the coolest cars of the decade.

For most people, owning a Rolls-Royce is a dream that's financially out of reach. The cheapest Rolls that you can buy today is the Ghost, and that starts off at $295,850. However, if you grew up during the '80s and always wanted a Rolls-Royce from that era, you are in luck. We found a 1980 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow for sale for just $22,900. The car has been driven 89,756 miles in almost 40 years, which is not bad. The Silver Shadow had an extremely long production life from 1965 to 1980, and over 30,000 were produced. If it has always been you dream to own a car with the signature "Spirit of Ecstasy" on the front, this '80s dream ride is perfect.

Chances are, if you drove the '80s Porsche 911 Turbo the way it was meant to be driven, you didn't live to see the '90s. By the time the 930 generation Turbo went out of production, it produced 330 horsepower from its 3.3-liter turbocharged flat-six engine. The car had a RWD and rear-engined layout which gave it a reputation as a widow maker. Basically, when you were mid-corner, the turbo would kick it and overwhelm the chassis, causing drivers to spin. If you and the car managed to survive until today, you are probably more than a bit lucky. Today, values of the 930 Turbo can exceed $200,000, but less than perfect examples can be bought for under $100,000.

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