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New Hybrid Lamborghini Aventador Will Have Over 1,000 HP

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The styling of Lamborghini's next flagship supercar will reportedly be inspired by the Terzo Millennio Concept.

It's no secret that the next-generation Lamborghini Aventador will be electrified, but Car Magazine has obtained some new juicy details about the flagship supercar's future successor. The publication claims the next Aventador won't arrive until 2022, and will likely have a new name "inspired by the bullish world of Lamborghini folklore." Visually, the design of the next-generation Aventador will be inspired by the electric Terzo Millennio Concept unveiled back in 2017, so expect it to sport a more extreme version of Lamborghini's traditional wedge shape.

According to the report, the two-seater supercar will be built on a new carbon chassis packaging three powertrain elements: the front axle drive unit with two electric motors, a backbone center section housing the batteries and the rear drivetrain housing a third e-motor, a new dual-clutch transmission, and a V12. As expected, the next Aventador will pack a modified version of Lamborghini's naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine that debuted in the original Aventador.

But while the V12 already produces 759 hp in the current Aventador SVJ, there's still room to extract more power. The electric motors will allegedly add an extra 400 hp, so the new Lamborghini Aventador could potentially have a combined output of over 1,000 horsepower to compete with the Aston Martin AM-RB 003 due in 2021.

The current car's rear-wheel steering is also expected to remain, which will be enhanced by the company's latest predictive dynamics CPU introduced in the new Huracan Evo. "The Aventador represents our halo car," CEO Stefano Domenicali told Car. "The current model launched in 2011 and still sold 1,200 cars last year. Of our [total] volumes it's still a lot."

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"The Aventador replacement will be naturally aspirated and a plug-in hybrid, because this is the best mix of emotion and DNA for Lamborghini. For the moment it is not a problem to be homologated worldwide," Lamborghini's chief technology officer, Maurizio Reggiani, added.

"For the new Aventador, I am confident we'll be able to introduce the particulate filters we need for Euro 7 emissions. For these, it is not a question of turbocharging. Instead, we will make the hybrid vehicle emotional, sexy, and what the customer will want to have. This is the challenge."