New Hyundai Tucson Packs Crazy Cool Air Conditioning

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Hyundai has thought of everything to keep occupants as comfortable as possible.

Hyundai took the covers off its dramatic new Tucson crossover a few days ago. Its design is totally unlike the model it replaces, but so far, it seems that Hyundai's gamble has paid off as most people seem to think its a winner.

It's not just styling that Hyundai has focused on, though. There's real substance to the new Hyundai Tucson, and the SUV's new air conditioning system is a perfect example of how much attention the Korean marque has given to the finer details. Hyundai calls it 'Super Smart Air Conditioning' in a newly released video.


The first piece of tech aims to eliminate the unpleasant odor emitted when mold develops within the air conditioning system. To prevent this, the Tucson automatically runs the ventilation system for 10 minutes - 30 minutes after the car is shut off, drying out any moisture build-up.

The presence of fine dust in the interior can be harmful, which is why the Tucson comes with a PM 2.5 indicator to alert the driver of high dust levels, which is when the air filtration mode is switched on. This is the same as Volvo's latest air conditioning system which can also detect PM 2.5 levels. Additionally, the Tucson's ventilation system uses information from the navigation system to automatically switch to the recirculate function when entering a tunnel, when fresh air is in shorter supply.


There's also a Multi Air Mode function that prevents an icy blast of air hitting your skin by gently deploying air from concealed vents. Hyundai's system will now automatically turn on/off the various heating/cooling systems, automatically control fan speed, and support voice recognition.

Perhaps the automatic control of all these systems is welcome since the Tucson's smart new cabin dispenses with old-school physical knobs and switches. The modern twin-cockpit layout and digital instrument cluster, along with all the smart tech operating in the background to make your life easier, should go a long way to set apart the Tucson from rivals like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4.

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