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New Jaguar Trademark Could Signal An All-New Sport Car

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Could this be an F-Type replacement, or an awesome supercar?

Earlier this week, Jaguar filed a patent request for the name "C-Pace," which indicates that the company is working on another SUV model. Now, just days later, Auto Guide has discovered a second Jaguar trademark filing with the European Intellectual Property Office. The filing was for the name "J-Type," which clearly follows the naming scheme set by the F-Type. This leads us to believe that the J-Type could be some kind of sports car or even a mid-engine supercar.

The "Type" name has only been used to denote sporty models like the original E-Type, and its spiritual successor, the F-Type. Back in 2016, Jaguar design boss Ian Callum hinted that the replacement for the F-Type could be mid-engined. Of course, this assumes that the F-Type will be replaced, instead of the J-Type being its own separate model. This news comes at an interesting time, when speculation for a mid-engine Corvette is at an all time high. A mid-engine Jaguar sports car could come in and give the mid-engine Corvette some strong competition, just as the current F-Type has done with the C7 Corvette.

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Jaguar may also introduce a Cayenne-rivaling SUV called the J-Pace, so the letter J may likely be used to signify flagship models for the Jaguar brand. We'll have to wait an see if the J-Type name actually reaches a production car, but if we see Jaguar testing a new sports car, we will have a good indication of what it will be called.