New Jeep Cherokee Costs How Much in China?!

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Lesson here is that it's damn expensive to own a Jeep in China.

Jeeps first started selling in China back in 1984. Since that time the brand has rapidly grown in popularity across the world. Even in the US Jeeps aren't exactly the cheapest SUVs, yet their prices abroad, notably in China, are much higher. Pricing has recently been revealed for the new Jeep Cherokee. Now, in the US it carries a base price of just under $23,000 and ranges well into the $30k zone.

That top end price may sound expensive, but in China the Cherokee's price of entry is even more outrageous. For the base 2.4-liter model alone, Chinese buyers are being asked to fork over the Yuan equivalent of $61,000 USD. A fully tricked-out Cherokee costs a staggering $76,000 USD. These insane prices will likely remain in place until Jeep is able to stop importing their models once a new Chinese production plant is opened. Until then, the price gauging will continue in the Far East.


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