New Jeep Wagoneer Destroyed After Delivery Truck Driver Misjudges Low Bridge

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The SUV became vertically lodged between the road and the bridge above it.

In a year where customers are already dealing with lengthy production delays and supply shortages that have stymied auto sales, the last thing you want to hear about is some freak event that has damaged your vehicle. Sadly, the Jeep Wagoneer you see here suffered a premature end to its life.

There are few sadder sights than a brand new vehicle getting damaged or even completely destroyed before its eager owner can take delivery. Last year, well over 100 new Corvettes were destroyed or damaged by a violent tornado in Kentucky. Just weeks ago, a Ford Bronco customer who placed his order two years ago found out that his new SUV was badly damaged in a hailstorm. And now this.

Jake Bley/Twitter
Jake Bley/Twitter

It turns out that bigger isn't always better since the sheer size - and specifically, the height - of this Wagoneer resulted in its demise. The SUV was crushed under a low bridge in Detroit while sitting atop a delivery vehicle. In pictures shared on Twitter, we can see that the Wagoneer became hopelessly lodged between the road below and the bridge above, its entire roof ripped off. Jake Bley, who shared the images on Twitter, said that the Jeep's transporter was parked a little way further up the road, its driver probably in the middle of a decidedly awkward phone call. The picture reveals a large yellow sign that states the bridge's height to be 14 feet and four inches.
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According to figures provided by Stellantis, the Jeep Wagoneer is already a tall vehicle at just below 80 inches including the roof rails. Perched atop the delivery truck, there was only one way this ill-fated drive was going to end. To give you an idea of the cost of this mishap, the 2022 Wagoneer starts at $58,995. However, the Wagoneer can exceed $80,000 depending on the trim. Fortunately, it appears that nobody was injured in the unfortunate incident.

Earlier this year, the Wagoneer lineup was bolstered by the arrival of an even lengthier Wagoneer L model. 12 inches longer, it has loads of cargo space and expanded room for third-row occupants. At up to 6,335 pounds, we wouldn't want to be close by if a Wagoneer L went tumbling off a delivery van into the street.

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