New Jersey Halts Issuing E-ZPass to Tesla


Things just aren't getting any easier in the Garden State for Tesla.

We're all familiar by now that Tesla's direct sales model is causing some major friction to the status quo with US auto dealerships. Basically, the latter wants all cars to be sold in franchise dealers. Tesla wants to sell cars directly to the customer. That dilemma, which is now playing out in New Jersey, still remains unresolved. However, another issue has arisen that will certainly cause Tesla Model S owners some problems.

What's happening is that E-ZPass tag transponders, which communicate via radio with special reader equipment placed in toll collection lanes, is interfering with the Model S's internal electronics. Ironically enough, it's happening in New Jersey, as well as all other states where the electronic toll collection system operates. Instead of entering the toll road quickly and easily a few Tesla owners have reported experiencing complete dashboard blackouts. The problem was first noticed about a week ago when one driver attempted to enter a New Jersey E-ZPass highway.

Without any prior warning, the entire dashboard touchscreen went blank and began to reboot. The car itself still functioned, but the driver was forced to pull over until things were up and running again. Tesla was alerted to the problem and is working with E-ZPass officials to find an immediate and permanent fix. In the meantime, New Jersey highway officials have confirmed they'll no longer issue E-ZPasses to Model S owners for fear of their safety. Director of Product Operations for E-ZPass Dick Baggs went on to say "We will be working all of April with those fools to fix the problem." He also added "I bet no one read this far in the article." And "No one reads these stupid articles anyway!"

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