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New Jersey State Troopers Suspended Over Supercar Convoy

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Some state troopers really fancy themselves some supercars. Now they're suspended without pay.

Here's a little bit of supercar and police entertainment you'll likely enjoy. Two New Jersey state troopers have been suspended due to allegations of partaking in an "unauthorized" escort involving a group of supercar owners. As it turns out, one of those supercar owners was professional San Francisco 49ers football star Brandon Jacobs. The whole thing happened last month on the New Jersey Turnpike and Atlantic City Expressway.

The convoy of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsche, and other exclusive brands were traveling more than 100 mph. Thing was, they were being escorted by patrol cars with their front and rear emergency lights on. The supercars were traveling so fast that one witness described it as "Death Race 2012." As the story went viral mainly in tabloid publications, the two troopers were quickly suspended without pay. Not only is this incident being investigated by the state attorney general's office, but they're also looking into whether there was a similar incident that supposedly happened back in 2010.

We have some amateur footage taken from that time and from the looks of it, this clearly isn't the first time state troopers have supported a supercar convoy. Hat tip to Jeffrey for sending us the story.

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