New Kia Logo Spied On Stinger And Carnival

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It looks much better.

While the world tries to shake off the lingering trauma of 2020, car manufacturers are also trying to reinvent themselves in different ways, and Kia is one of them. The company has taken the whole 'new year, new me' thing quite literally, finally revealing its new logo at a stunning fireworks display that even bagged the company a Guinness World Record. This flashy event might have impressed on social media, but it is interesting to see what the new logo looks like on the actual cars roaming the streets of Korea. In some exclusive pictures, we can now get an idea of what the new logo looks like on a Kia Stinger and Carnival (aka the Sedona).

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Let's be honest, Kia's old logo was a rather dull affair with its oval shape and car rental aura. According to Kia, the new logo represents the automaker's "ambitions to establish a leadership position in the future mobility industry by revamping nearly all facets of its business." Which sounds exactly like something it would say.

The pictures show off the new logo proudly sitting on the nose and rear end of a Stinger and the Carnival, which was recently renamed in the US. The new logo is definitely easier on the eye and looks like something you'd spot in a random Black Mirror episode. Basically, it looks futuristic.

Kia Kia

The logo change comes amidst a slew of big changes at Kia. Earlier this month the company dropped the term 'motors' from its name, changed its slogan to "Movement that Inspires," and also teased nine new EV models, including SUVs, MPVs, and passenger vehicles.

Kia aims to reach a global BEV market share of 6.6 percent by 2025, and sell over 500,000 units by 2026. With the burgeoning EV market growing at light speed, Kia seems to be on the right track. Hat tip to Hakseong Han!

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