New Lamborghini Hybrid V12 Supercar Spied Inside And Out

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The new supercar has been spied in Europe, revealing a little more of its new design.

CarBuzz spy photographers have snapped a development mule of the Lamborghini Aventador successor, and not only is the supercar showing a little more skin, but we've also been able to get a look inside the cabin.

Not that it matters too much to Sant'Agata's customers - the Italian automaker already has thousands of pre-orders for the as-yet-unnamed hybrid V12 supercar, despite its final design having been revealed to very few individuals outside the company.

Nevertheless, those customers won't be lining up for an ugly car, and the more camouflage that comes off the car, the better it looks. In these images, we've been given a much better view of the headlights and taillights, but that's not all.

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Let's start at the front. We can see that the lower side intakes on the front fascia will be even more aggressive and angular than before, with these now underlining an LED daytime running light on each side. Above the DRLs, the sharp, triangular headlights peek out from beneath creased bodywork, while the overhangs of the front bumper will incorporate additional aero elements that Lamborghini doesn't want us to see yet.

At the rear, previous test mules were fitted with fake vinyl taillights in an attempt to throw us off, but this strategy has been dispensed with, and we can see that the Ypsilon design of the taillights will be reinterpreted in a way that calls to mind the Lamborghini Centenario.

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Lamborghini is clearly not bored of placing the exhaust exits between the taillights, and for the first time, we can see the finishers that surround the four pipes that are fed by the new hybrid V12 engine. That's confirmed by the V12 designation in the center of the digital instrumentation, which we get our first look at thanks to our first shots of the supercar's cabin. These show a flat-bottomed steering wheel ahead of a fully digital driver cluster. The redline is around 8,500 rpm and we can see confirmation of an active rear spoiler and hybrid power. Look closely, and you'll see a large screen atop a smaller screen in the center console.

The successor to the Aventador will be presented at the end of Q1 2023, giving Lamborghini some time to regroup after completing the production of the last unassisted V12 production car it made.

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