New Lamborghini Spotify Playlist Is Inspired By The Huracan Tecnica's V10

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It's a pretty unique idea for a pretty unique engine.

Lamborghini has just released the second of three playlists in its Engine Songs series, this one titled The Engine Songs: V10, based on the Huracan Tecnica's magnificent 10-cylinder engine.

We wrote about the first of three Engine Songs playlists a few weeks ago based on the Aventador Ultimae. These are a part of a celebration of the brand's V12, V10, and V8 engines. Again, this playlist is 24 tracks and takes you through a blend of songs catered to the engine's specific soundtrack paying close attention to the emotional nature of it. Also similar to the V12 one, this one was curated by music producer Alex Trecarichi with Lamborghini sound engineers and is currently available on Spotify.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

"Studies show the sound experience behind the wheel of a Huracán Tecnica is immersive and enhances the fun-to-drive sensations," states Mario Mautone, Lamborghini NVH whole vehicle coordinator. "Even though it's a coupe, the sensation is akin to driving a spyder with the roof down, while still being totally protected inside its passenger compartment."

The company again employed psychoacoustics: the science between emotion and sound, to pick the songs on the playlist. Using AI, Trecarichi mathematically broke down the V10's sounds at three distinct levels: idling, cruising at 4,500 rpm, and full throttle at 8,000 rpm. It then used recordings to choose songs that play at similar frequencies and energies to the different levels to tell a story of the engine.

"The V10 tunes up, starting from the engine to then reach the exhaust system and the intake manifold, just like a musical instrument," Mautone explained further. "Even more poignantly, in the case of the V10, the range of sounds and frequencies is like a female voice, delivering a beautiful high intensity."

Lamborghini Lamborghini

According to Trecarichi, he believed that electronic music was the perfect genre for the car and the engine because it reminds you of good times and fun with friends. The V12 playlist connected on the electronic aspect but seemed to diverge with a little more pop and rock influence than this one.

Sadly, it's seeming like this whole PR stunt is a send-off. We already know that the Aventador successor will be a hybrid because the future is inevitable. The Huracan will also change, but we don't know how drastically. Could it have a twin-turbo V8? Another Hybrid system? It's hard to tell for now, but until then, we can enjoy this Spotify playlist as a tribute to one of the best-sounding engines of all time.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

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