New Lancia Concept Car Doesn't Look Like A Car At All

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Previewing the future design language of the famed Italian brand, this looks more like a modern art installation than a car.

Lancia hosted a Design Day intending to set a new target for the brand and showcase its future designs as the brand looks to reinvigorate itself under Stellantis ownership and revive several hallowed nameplates. It also launched a new badge and a new font.

Lancia is part of the Stellantis Group, and according to the presentation, it will be part of the conglomerate's "premium cluster," three brands that will play in the upper segment of the automotive market. The other two brands are Alfa Romeo and DS. The latter is the luxury arm of Citroen, in case you're not clued up with the European car market.

Lancia will be around for at least the next 10 years, which is the amount of time the Stellantis mothership has given to turn things around.

Lancia Lancia Lancia

Lancia's renaissance will begin with an all-new Ypsilon, due in 2024. Lancia will venture outside of its home country, Italy, for the first time in ages. The Ypsilon will be sold in five additional European markets, so don't expect to see it in the USA soon. If Lancia has plans to come stateside, it will first need to prove that it can build quality products that rely on more than national pride. That's literally the only thing the current Ypsilon has going for it, but even selling it under the guise of patriotism is difficult.

The current Ypsilon is based on the Fiat 500, arguably even more of an Italian icon. As a result, Lancia has been the laughingstock of the Italian automotive industry for some time, and we don't see that changing anytime soon.

Lancia Lancia Lancia

When Lancia stated that it would finally reveal a concept, we were extremely excited, especially when it said it would dig into its classic designs, including famous icons like the Integrale and Stratos.

Instead, Lancia pulled back the covers and revealed what can only be described as a mashup between a narwhal, a spaceship, and a device you use to remove hair from those hard-to-reach places. Sure, it's a design study called the Pu+Ra Zero, but at least give it wheels...

Pu+Ra stands for Pure and Radical, and the Zero part refers to an EV powertrain. This odd-looking concept car (is it a car if it doesn't have wheels?) will inspire three new models that will be launched in two-year intervals, starting in 2024. The all-new Integrale is last in line and will only debut in 2028.

Thankfully, Lancia has a lot of ready-made parts thanks to its ties with Stellantis, which should make it much easier to come up with something entirely new and profitable.

We suggest the first thing Lancia borrows from Stellantis is some wheels.

Lancia Lancia Lancia Lancia

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