New Lancia Concept Coming in April 2023

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Lancia is making a comeback, starting with an EV concept.

Lancia will introduce an all-new concept in April during Milan Design Week. Rumor is that it will preview a new electric model for 2024. Hopefully, it won't be asabsurdly unrealistic Pu+Ra Zero shown in November of 2022. The new concept should, at least, have wheels.

This is all part of what the brand calls the Lancia Renaissance, which started in 2022 with an announcement that the brand will spread out of Italy and back into Europe. The renaissance includes a new organizational structure, a new logo, then the wheel-less concept that promises to influence Lancia's future design language.


Lancia's first move forward in terms of product will be in 2024 with a new all-electric Ypsilon, possibly in addition to the existing Ypsilon based on the Fiat 500 platform. The Fiat 500X sold in the US has different bones. In 2026, the brand will launch a new flagship vehicle, likely a crossover. Finally, in 2028 it promises to resurrect the Delta name to "inspire car enthusiasts across Europe."

That's a new car every year, and expansion based on the Lancia Ypsilon, a small city car that is incredibly popular in Italy. It's also the only car Lancia currently sells. The Lancia Renaissance is a ten-year plan but, in reality, it's a revival plan. Once upon a time, the Lancia name meant something worldwide, particularly in motorsport.


"I am very pleased with the results achieved by the Lancia brand in 2022 in terms of market share, quality, and customer satisfaction," says Luca Napolitano, Lancia's CEO. "The accelerated pace of our Renaissance plan will lead us to become a desirable, respected, and reliable brand in the European premium market. We move from here with great ambition and determination towards the other steps of our Renaissance plan, as outlined in the 'Dare Forward' Stellantis Strategic Plan, which contributes to the success of the Stellantis premium cluster."

Right now, though, it's a lot of words. The only cars that actually exist are a single top-selling model in one small country and a concept car without wheels. There's no detail on the upcoming concept, and nothing new to sell until 2024. But we're wholeheartedly rooting for Lancia to make a comeback.


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