New Lancia Stratos Racer Revealed

This wasn't your usual run-of-the-mill unveiling. The new Lancia Stratos had already captivated us with its plans for a racing version, and they have just unveiled the racer by displaying a 1/8th scale model of it. The racing variant is the mastermind of Michael Stoschek and will be built with the assistance of Danisi Engineering. Many have never even heard of Danisi Engineering, but the Italian firm has a motorsports background which includes involvement with Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

Details on the racer as limited at the moment, but according to Italiaspeed, the model suggests the car will be GT2 compliant. It will also feature aerodynamic styling, a reduced right height, and a large rear spoiler. The real Stratos is expensive as it is, but the 1/8th scale model will be selling for $4,700.

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