New Land Rover Defender Has Big Boots To Fill


Good things take time to build.

After 68 years of production, Land Rover is taking its time to put the successor to one of the best off-roading trucks into production. After watching the two millionth Defender cross the block, Land Rover realizes it desperately needs the model in the lineup. According to Autocar, Land Rover plans to have more than one Defender model in the future, with an insider claiming that the model lineup will be similar to "a small family." However, making the case for a low-volume, fairly cheap car that may only account for 50,000 sales isn't helping.

The automotive outlet believes that there will be at least two wheelbase options and a host of bodystyles, while an aluminum monococque structure may also make an appearance. Other features that will most likely find its way onto the successor include all-independent suspension, and a longitudinal engine with 4X4 system that will come complete with a low-range box and transfer case. The Defender will most likely be the same size, as insiders report that design director Gerry McGovern "now knows what the new Defender will look like." While one source claims that the Defender will be here by 2018, another source claims that it won't be available until 2019.

Land Rover

Another major hurdle to the successor of the Defender includes where the model will be built. There has been an ongoing debate about the next Defender being built outside the UK, which would make the truck more of a global vehicle. However, the Defender has always been a vehicle with strong British ties. Wherever it's built, the company needs a car that can uphold the previous model's incredible history, which is no easy task.

Land Rover
Land Rover
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