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New Land Rover Defender Plans Just Got More Interesting

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A future best-seller?

This September, an off-road icon will be reborn. The all-new Land Rover Defender will soon make its debut appearance before the world and we can hardly wait. The UK automaker has, so far, released only a few specific details about what we can expect, but we do have a very clear picture as to what the new SUV will look like based on Land Rover's own spy shots. The picture vehicles are wearing very light camouflage. But don't think the new Defender is going to be some niche model.

On the contrary, according to Australia's Motoring, it's going to be a mainstream model with potentially a variety of models. The publication spoke with Mark Cameron, the head of Jaguar Land Rover Australia, who claimed we can expect a range of variants throughout the Defender's lifetime.

"When you see our announcements around this car, you will see it will be a very wide, stretched range. We will compete with some of the volume manufacturers but we will also go up to very powerful, very luxurious versions of the Defender. We will have a range that will span to cater to many different people, just like our competitors' products."

Above all, however, the new Defender will be a highly capable off-roader, with Cameron proclaiming it'll be "the most capable car we've ever built." Bold words. Hopefully he'll be able to back them up. But we're confident he will.

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Land Rover certainly knows a thing or two about off-roading and adventure as well as serious luxury. The original Defender was famous for its utilitarian design inside and out, it's clear the new SUV's exterior styling reflects that. Based on these test mules, we can envision several Defender variants, such as one geared towards luxury while another is purely outdoor adventure-focused.

"We have to have a car that is capable of doing incredible things off road but also has the comfort and refinement of a Land Rover and meet an acceptable level of safety for pedestrians, drivers and occupants," he added.

While the Jeep Wrangler, without question one of the Defender's rivals, is all about the outdoor lifestyle, Land Rover wants something for everyone. For us, that's a winning formula and we can't wait to see the big debut this fall.