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New Lexus CUV: Size Doesn't Matter

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Lexus is expanding its CUV lineup with a new model that will fill the slot below the successful RX.

For better or worse, the premium CUV market is hot right now and buyers are clearly willing to pay more for vehicles that are smaller than more traditional CUVs, such as the Lexus RX. Buick is having solid success so far with its new Encore and now Lexus clearly wants in on the sales action. Hence we bring you these latest images from our spy photographers showing a test mule prototype of the upcoming Lexus NX at the Nurburgring. Slated to fill the slot below the RX, the NX crossover may at first look like an updated CT 200h.

However, the vehicle's ride height, higher profile and CUV-like tires prove that it's something different. The existence of this model has been rumored for some time as Lexus apparently hadn't made a final decision to green light it for production. Evidently, the model is now going forward and it'll be based on the same platform that currently underpins the Toyota RAV4 and Camry as well as the Lexus RX and ES. Expect for production to begin sometime next year with an on sale date likely in fall of 2014.

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