RUMORS: New Lexus LFA Will Have Almost 1,000 HP, Nissan Z Nismo Coming With Over 400 HP And Nissan GT-R Refresh Coming In 2023

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Things are heating up in the Japanese sports car rumor department.

According to the Japanese language Best Car website, there are a slew of existing updates and a couple of new models with dates on the horizon. Without sources and with our hazy grasp of the Japanese language, we will place all of the following Google-translated information in the rumor column until we confirm otherwise.

First, the website claims the R35 generation Nissan GT-R will come back with significant styling updates in the spring of 2023. According to Best Car, the R36 generation GT-R will be an EV and appear in 2028 and is scheduled to coincide with the production of solid-state batteries. Previously, Best Car claimed the next GT-R would be petrol-power only and, before that, that it would be hybrid.


Next on the list of supposed scoops is a high-power version Lexus LS F. According to the rumor, it will appear in the spring of 2023 with 650 horsepower (not the previously reported 600 hp) generated by its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 10-speed automatic transmission. The big headline for Lexus here is the resurrection of the Lexus LFA supercar. According to Best Car, it will be a plug-in hybrid also with the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with a limited production of 500 units like the original LFA. It's stated that the engine will make 650 hp, but a total of 937 hp with the electric motors added. Also, it will be developed alongside the GT3 race car and will debut in 2025.


We're expecting a Nismo version of the Nissan Z, and Best Car says that it will be informed by GT4 race cars to appear next summer. Updates will include the expected areas like suspension, chassis, steering, and larger wheels and tires, but the rumor mill also suggests a boost over the standard Z's 400 hp.

Lastly in cars relevant to the US market, it's reported that Toyota has a budget and is starting development of an EV sports car to be released under the GR brand for the 2026 lineup. Apparently, it will be a pure sports car with two seats, all-wheel drive, and based on the e-TNGA platform. The expected output is expected to get to 500 hp and it might be Toyota's first vehicle to use solid-state battery tech.

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