New Limited Edition Lotus Will Have Hypercar Potential

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3-Eleven will come with 420 hp and weigh under a ton.

The 2-Eleven was never Lotus' most ambitious project, but it was a good one for the small British automaker. For a company essentially founded on the idea that lighter is better, this stripped-down track car based on the Exige served as proof that Lotus was still very much aware of how its name was made. And now Lotus has just announced a follow-up, appropriately named the 3-Eleven. This is probably a good idea, as the 2-Eleven was from back in 2007 and Lotus has hit some hard times since then.

A new version of the car will help to remind the public that Lotus is serious about what it does, and it certainly won't hurt that the car being planned sounds amazing. All we really know is that it will boast a 420-horsepower V6 engine and weigh only 1,962 lbs. But since this is Lotus, telling us the power and weight is absolutely the most important part. Only 311 units will be built, and although it will be primarily a track car, it will also be street legal. And to give you an idea of the step up that this is, the base 2-Eleven weighed 1,639 lbs, but only produced 192 horsepower.

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