New Lincoln Nautilus Design Leaked By Chinese Government

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The midsized Lincoln has been totally redesigned.

The design of the new Lincoln Nautilus has emerged thanks to images published by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Pictures show the newcomer will adopt a larger front grille like its little brother, the Corsair, and gain slimmer headlights and a more dramatic lower bumper treatment. The DRLs appear to flow into the grille, although it's unclear whether the entire strip is illuminated.

It appears as if the new Nautilus will be offered in China with three trim levels. The variant depicted below appears to be the sportiest of the lot, with black-painted wheels and a matching front grille. Other wheel designs will be made available, and one model will boast a more traditional chrome grille.

China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Around back, you'd be forgiven for mistaking the Nautilus for an Audi Q8. The shape of the rear cluster is reminiscent of the German SUV, likewise the tailgate and rear reflectors. The Lincoln nameplate has been subtly embedded in the rear light bar.

Overall, it's a tastefully designed SUV that should appeal to the droves of people shopping in this segment. However, there's a good chance the new Nautilus won't make it to America like this. After all, the Chinese market is huge, and manufacturers often produce market-specific vehicles for the region.

Then again, there's a chance the Nautilus may not arrive at all. Reports suggest the Lincoln and its Ford-badged brother, the Edge, will be discontinued by the Blue Oval in the USA.

China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

At the time of that report, it was suggested that the Oakville Assembly Complex in Canada (where both vehicles are built) would be converted into a facility for EV production. This still seems to be Ford's intention, meaning the Nautilus may not last long in North America.

While there's a possibility the automaker may source the vehicle from another production facility, it's unlikely. Lincoln will soon enter the world of full electrification, as evidenced by the L100 and Star Concepts, and hopes to introduce five new electric vehicles by 2026.

It wouldn't make sense to introduce a new ICE-powered vehicle a few years ahead of this, so we don't see the Nautilus arriving in the USA - and that's a shame, as it looks rather handsome.

China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

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