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New Looks for the 2010 Lincoln MKT

After a decade of slumming sales and bad vehicle models, Ford's luxury line, Lincoln, has replaced yesteryear's gaffes with a group of indecipherably-named vehicles. One of them is the MKT, but this 2008 concept model is poised to be the replacement of the Navigator. The 2010 Lincoln MKT has improved packaging, comfort and efficiency, powered by the EcoBoost engine. The MKT has a new waterfall grille, with smooth transitions from roof to bumper.

Inside the MKT is sporting a third-row seat, high quality leather and blond wood accents that make it a little homely. Special attention was paid to its road handling, helping it remain composed on twisty roads. Lincoln has really tried to distance this model from the days when a Lincoln looked like their Ford siblings. Results are mixed.

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